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About Us

Welcome to Ballard Defensive Driving School.   If you want a fast, affordable fun learning experience, we're the folks to see.   We have served approximately 50,000 satisfied customers and we have made Texas' highways safer for all.

Ballard Defensive Driving School opened its doors in 1998.  Since then we have become a recognized leader in the traffic safety industry in Texas, providing driving safety education to individuals, corporations, and state and county agencies.

Each student is given an opportunity to evaluate the program and instructors.  The results revealed that after attending our classes, approximately 99% of students:

  • Rated the program as "excellent"
  • Rated the program as "fun and easy"
  • Rated the instructors as "professional and great"
  • Indicated an increase in knowledge about safe driving
  • Indicated this course was "better" compared to other courses taken
  • Indicated the strengths of the program were the instructors' professionalism and the delivery of the curriculum


Ballard Defensive Driving School
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